Human capital due diligence
for venture capital and private equity

Behavioral insights to reduce risk for investors.

Science-based guidance for entrepreneurs and startups.

Eliminating barriers to startup success.

Blackhawke: The Science of Startups

Blackhawke is the world’s leading expert in human capital due diligence for new venture investment and the science of new venture performance. We support¬†venture capitalists (VC), private equity (PE) firms, and other investors during the due diligence phase by analyzing the psychological traits of entrepreneurs and startup teams, predicting success, mitigating risk and anticipating conflict. We further equip VCs with unique insights, coaching, and guidance¬†rooted in over a century’s worth of scientific research to accelerate startup growth of their portfolio companies.

For entrepreneurs

Using unique psychological assessments and predictive analytics, Blackhawke goes beyond ‘gut feel’ to provide venture capitalists, private equity, angels, and other investors with a deep understanding of the capability, resilience, motivation, strengths, and weaknesses of entrepreneurs and startup management teams.

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