The Secret To Startup Success: You.

The Blackhawke Entrepreneurship Value Profile is the only psychological assessment designed to improve entrepreneur performance and startup success.

  • Aspiring & Established Entrepreneurs
  • Founders & Co-Founders
  • Senior Leaders & Managers
  • Startup Employees
  • Investors

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Designed Specifically for You, the Entrepreneur.

The EVP is purposely designed, refined and validated for entrepreneurial and venture-specific contexts only.

Uncomplicated Yet Informative.

Delivered entirely online, the testing process is simple and speedy. The reports are generated quickly and electronically, delivering richer and more specific content than generic personality tests.

Science-Backed and Data Driven.

The EVP is built on a century's worth of research and over 1,000 different scientific research studies from the Organization Sciences, as well as current research conducted by Blackhawke’s in-house scientists at the Blackhawke Science Lab.

Built-in Experiential Value.

The test-taking experience is part of the value; it is your chance to engage in self-reflection and growth.

Flexible and Multipurpose.

Applicable to multiple uses, ranging from self-awareness to entrepreneurship and leadership skill growth to team development. Learn how to integrate the EVP with Blackhawke’s other offerings.

Upholds Industry Standards.

Our assessment development and validation process follows guidelines from the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, written by the American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, & National Council on Measurement in Education along with Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures written by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

The EVP measures psychological traits that predict behavioral performance in the Eight Pillars of Entrepreneurship:

Vision & Strategy

Execution & Operations

Direction & Influence

Problem-solving & Decision-making

Collaboration & Allyship

Willpower & Initiative

Innovation & Resourcefulnes


The results will give you and your entrepreneurial team insights into strengths and weaknesses and provide a means to maximize your collective talent to help your company succeed.

Why Entrepreneurs Need the EVP




The EVP is an online assessment that measures psychological and behavioral traits underlying entrepreneurial performance.

The EVP is designed to help key players within the entrepreneurial ecosystem predict and anticipate the success and challenges of both individual entrepreneurs and startup teams.

Unlike most psychometric assessments that are designed generally for individuals from a variety of different domains; the EVP is specifically designed for investors, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in early-stage to high-growth startups

EVP for Entrepreneurs

$ 49
  • Single profile
  • Custom PDF report

EVP for Entrepreneurs x6

$ 249
  • Perfect for teams
  • Custom PDF report
  • Six profiles

EVP for Entrepreneurs + Coaching

$ 399
  • One hour coaching call
  • Custom PDF report

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The length of the assessment varies by person. On average, it will take about 15-20 minutes.

Make sure to set aside uninterrupted time to take the EVP. Find a quiet location so you can focus; if you are distracted your results may not be as accurate as they should be.

You will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to access and complete the results.

The EVP will ask questions about your attitudes, behavioral tendencies, and preferences. You will indicate your agreement with each question on a 5 point scale.

No, every person will have a unique profile that describes them. We do not place a value on some traits over other traits.

You will be sent a PDF report following completion of the online assessment.

There is no “ideal” profile; people are not perfect. Each person will have different strengths and weaknesses. The key is to make sure your team (collectively) can offset one another’s weaknesses and amplify strengths.

We do not place any quantitative value on your strengths or weaknesses. Rather, we simply use descriptive categories to assess where you stand on the strength-weakness spectrum. We present the results in rank order from strength to weakness.

The EVP was developed in adherence to professional psychometric standards and guidelines. For a strategic work analysis was conducted, over 1,000 scientific articles were studied and findings were integrated to identify predictive traits.

We will only share your results with permission. However, we highly encourage you to share results because it will allow you to look at teams at the collective level and help you build stronger teams.

As long as your team members allow us to share the results, you will be able to see their results in our digital platform. It will describe the team as a whole, including strengths, weaknesses, and gaps.

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