For Entrepreneurs:
Individual Coaching

We conduct specialized, entrepreneurial coaching with you and others on your leadership team.

Our coaching is designed to help you gain self-awareness and modify your behavior by learning to leverage your psychological assets and mitigate your psychological liabilities, resulting in more effective collaboration and performance.


Drive performance

Increase your performance and self-efficacy by building teamwork and entrepreneurial skills.

Minimize risk

Mitigate behavioral risk by identifying weaknesses or gaps in your skillset.

Improve interpersonal skills

Prevent future conflict and improve relationships by understanding and growing your entrepreneurial self.

features & benefits

Multi-level education

Your will learn effective strategies to enhance performance at all levels (individual, team, and organization) of the startup

Customized guidance

Using psychometric assessments, enables our ability to provide custom guidance and development for you and your team instead of an “off-the-shelf” solution

Psychometric assessment Included

Our coaching and workshops leverage psychological tools to gain unique, customized insights to improve individual and team performance.

Individual Consulting and Coaching Packages

Level 1: Ascend

Individual Report


One 1.5-hour, personalized session interpreting report & covering entrepreneurial self-awareness & success

Value and Benefits

  • Gain self-awareness & confidence
  • Interpret your report
  • Understand your individual assets & liabilities


  • $299 per entrepreneur

(Inclusive of individual report)

Level 2: Fly

Individual Report

Coaching Session One

One 1.5-hour, personalized session interpreting your report & covering entrepreneurial self-awareness & success

Coaching Session Two

One 1.5-hour additional session focused on how to maximize individual assets and leverage liabilities

3 total hours of consultation & coaching

Value and Benefits

Everything in Ascend plus:

  • Transform liabilities to assets
  • Maximize talent & assets
  • Grow leadership and teamwork talent


  • $499 per entrepreneur

(Inclusive of reports)

Level 3: Soar

Fully customisable, based on your needs

A 6-12 month service designed around your needs.

Sample package:
Everything in Level 2, PLUS bi-weekly individual behavioral coaching for 6 months.

Value and Benefits

Everything in Ascend and Soar, plus:

  • Customized coaching solutions to address a variety of leadership challenges
  • Increased entrepeneurial productivity and success