Blackhawke Research Partners

Blackhawke conducts applied, scientific studies in collaboration with organizational affiliates, such as universities, as well as individual research partners. If you would like to be involved in the research, please consider joining us as a Blackhawke Research Partner.

Why become a research partner?

Blackhawke research partners receive the following benefits:
  • Advanced copies of Blackhawke’s research papers and reports
  • The opportunity to influence and contribute to a growing body of rich research on entrepreneurship
  • Access to unpublished data analyses and predictive analytic reports
  • The opportunity to use to research results to develop practical applications and interventions that help grow entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams

Who can become a research partner?

Research Partner status is available to:
  • Investment firms
  • Startups
  • Faculty and university students
  • Incubators or accelerators 

What does being a research partner entail?

As a Blackhawke Research Partner, you will be 
  • Invited on a quarterly basis (maximum) to voluntarily participate in ongoing research, which may include surveys or interviews 
  • Encouraged to collaboratively design and conduct research studies
Have a research idea or want to find out more?  Email