Reach Apex Performance.


A toolkit designed to help entrepreneurs gain self-awareness and understand entrepreneurship performance. This kit is best for soloprenuers, founders, or startup leaders looking to predict and manage their own individual performance.

  • Single License for EVP Assessment
  • Custom Self-Awareness Report
  • Self-Development Guidebook


A toolkit designed to help entrepreneurial teams gain member and collective awareness, understand entrepreneurship performance, and become cohesive. This kit is best for teams that are newly forming or evolving and are looking to build unity and cohesion.

  • Multiple Licenses for EVP assessment
  • Custom Self-Awareness ReportsĀ 
  • Self-Development Guidebooks
  • Custom Team-Awareness Report
  • Team Cohesion Guidebooks
  • Administration Instructions
  • Best Practice Tips

Performance Development Kit

A toolkit designed to help startup leaders (e.g., founder, CEO) and their teams understand their performance (individually and collectively) and identify how to plan for developmental growth. This kit is best for startups who want a holistic approach to predicting and managing and developing human capital in their company.

  • Multiple Licenses forĀ EVP assessment
  • Multiple Licenses ELPi Assessment
  • Best Practice Tips
  • Individual Tools:
    • Custom Self-Awareness Reports
    • Custom Individual Performance Baseline Reports
    • Self-Development Guidebooks
  • Team Tools:
    • Custom Team Performance Development Report
    • Team Development Playbook
    • Administrative Instructions