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Traditional human capital due diligence processes are time-consuming, expensive, subject to bias, and not scientifically valid predictors of startup success.

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of VC-backed startup
investments yield
no ROI.

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investor resources wasted on human capital due diligence that doesn't predict startup success..

Our assessment tools provide you with objective and predictive human capital data on your potential and current portfolio companies, so you can make decisions that get you a return on your startup invesment.

The better we know ourselves, the better we can recognize both what can be changed and how to change it, and what can’t be changed and what we can do about that. So no matter what you set out to do…
you need to understand how you and other people are wired

Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates

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increase in decision accuracy, when using objective data over subjective instinct.

More than

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of the time you spend collecting human capital due diligence can be saved by using Blackhawke’s assessments.

Up to

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decrease in the likelihood of organizational death when you invest in and manage human capital and organizational culture well.

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