Our services for VC & Investors

Human Capital Due Diligence

Blackhawke’s tools help identify the collective strengths and weaknesses of the founders, CxOs, and other key personnel in each startup.

Predictive Analytics

Blackhawke data scientist’s merge theory and data to understand and predict startup success and survival.

High-Stakes Hiring

Blackhawke provides psychological assessments, interview tools, and support to make sure startups choose the right leaders for the right reasons.

Entrepreneurship Advising

Not every entrepreneur is entirely ready for the journey. Blackhawke’s scientific tools help you identify strengths and derailers to introduce strategic interventions and reduce the risk of the investment.

Culture Creation

With Blackhawke’s insight and support, VCs can provide targeted interventions to their portfolio companies to help them build and maintain a strong organizational culture.

Entrepreneurial Team Workshops

High performing teams are cohesive, communicate effectively, and have a shared understanding of how members should operate in the company. Blackhawke’s tools and services predict, mitigate, and address conflict and identify areas of improvement to increase team cohesion, communication efficiency, and performance.