Purpose & Vision

Our Philosophy

We aim to dispel the common misconceptions people have about what it means to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not about a single individual, nor is there a single profile that defines the successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a team and systems-based process requiring a set of individuals with diverse skills, personalities, and tendencies, the importance of which varies based on the time and context of the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Our Purpose

Blackhawke supports investors in conducting human capital due diligence and value creation. We provide science-based tools, analytics, and guidance that leverages human capital and accelerates the growth of portfolio companies and in turn, provides investors with a competitive edge and maximize investment returns.

Our Vision

Advancing the Application of Startup Science.

Our aim is to advance science through systematic investigation and research that focuses on entrepreneurship, psychological measurement, and judgment and decision-making. Through scientific discovery and advancement, we can gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurs and small businesses and share this information with our clients and the general public.

Economic Progress.

We hope that through gaining a deeper understanding of human behavior in entrepreneurship we can enhance the performance of entrepreneurial ventures and in turn create new jobs and drive economic activity.

Social Justice & Equality.

We envision a future in which wealth, privileges, and opportunities are equally available to all. Currently, females, racial minorities and other marginalized groups are drastically underrepresented in the startup world. Through providing systematic methods to help investors make people-based decisions, we can remove the unconscious biases that contribute to these inequalities.