Blackhawke Science Lab

At Blackhawke, a reliance on data and science is a key value that we use to guide decisions and practice. The Blackhawke Science Lab advances the science of startups and entrepreneurial systems by conducting rigorous research and analytics to produce both scientific scholarship and practical insights and guidance.

The research studies conducted within the Science Lab are designed with the chief intent to contribute to the broader scientific literature and to be published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals. Uniquely, through the accumulation of many studies we translate the science into practice to ensure we provide our clients with the most cutting-edge science. 


Our research focuses on five interconnected research domains:


Our research identifies and informs the measurement of the unique psychological traits (i.e., individual differences) of entrepreneurs that are predictive of success. 


Our research aims to understand team processes and interactions that lead to effective and enhanced team performance within the context of start ups and entrepreneurial systems.


Our research studies the environment, key factors, and systems that make entrepreneurship unique from established organizations and business operations.


Our research focuses on better understanding entrepreneurs as leaders, their leadership behavior, and how they fit within the complex leadership system.


Our research seeks to understand the complex cognitive and emotional processes that impact almost every aspect of entrepreneurship decision-making. 

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