The Values of Blackhawke

Collaborate with Alignment and Cohesion.

We understand that for teams to succeed in working together as a single unit, they must be in agreement about goals and direction.  As a close-knit team, we proactively strengthen our relationships with one another to foster an energetic and fun working environment.

Just Be You.

Authenticity and self-awareness are indispensable. It’s that simple and inflexible. Through compassion and understanding, we maintain a psychologically safe environment amongst ourselves and our clients.  We value unique perspectives, dissenting opinions, and eccentric ideas in all that we do.

Communicate Candidly.

We believe open communication is the root of honesty, integrity, and trust that we see so vital. We prefer to be direct with one another and do not shying away from tough conversations. 

Create Extraordinary Value.

Our members are intellectual over-achievers and visionary critical thinkers. We work with a sense of urgency and expect excellence, efficiency, and transformational performance from one another. We are enthusiastic about our work and only settle for the best.

Never Stop Learning.

We are inherently curious at heart – we see continuous learning and development as key for our productivity, relevance, and expertise. We build learning into our daily work so we can maintain external awareness and stay up-to-date.

Persistently Challenge the Status Quo.

We would never do something just because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” We challenge assumptions, take risks, and push scientific and practical boundaries. We value change and are determined to constantly evolve and adapt.

Rely on Science, Data, and Logic.

We believe that success lies in the “truth.” So we rely on science, data, and logic to critically analyze information and make decisions. We use cutting-edge research and domain expertise to deliver solutions and services.

Launch the Future.

We are excited and inspired by the future. As visionaries, we constantly explore the unknown, imagine the future and launch into what’s next with calculated aspiration. To launch the future, we stand on the shoulder of giants.