Opt-in to Research

We invite you to help the Blackhawke Science Lab contribute to the advancement of entrepreneurship science by opting-in to our Survey Panel.

By composing our research samples of real entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, and other key stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we ensure that the findings of our research are representative of the population we are studying and seeking to improve.

Why join?

As a Survey Panelist, you will be invited to participate in no more than two research studies per year. Participation in any study is completely voluntary, you are not required to participate at any point in time. Your responses will not be shared, all data from each study will be individually de-identified and aggregated to group levels to further maintain anonymity.  All information you share is completely confidential. The results and findings will be used only for the purposes of sharing research findings and insights in scientific journals, technical reports, white papers, and book chapters.

Panelists are not compensated for participating in our research. However, we do offer panelists advanced copies of technical reports and publications that come from our research.

Further information may be obtained by contacting our scientists at research@blackhawke.io